Amplio Learning Named to the 2023 Global Silicon Valley 150

List recognizing the most transformational digital learning and workforce skills companies.

Rockville, MD (Jan. 11, 2023) — Amplio Learning Technologies, a powerful education technology solution that combines a learning platform for special education with evidence-based curricula and programs designed to accelerate student progress and empower educators, has been included in the Global Silicon Valley (GSV) 150, a list of the world’s most transformative private companies in education.

Amplio was chosen after a rigorous assessment of more than 4,000 venture capital and private equity-backed private companies revolutionizing the world of education technology. GSV estimates that together these 150 companies reach roughly 3 billion people — almost half of the global population — and generate approximately $25 billion in revenue. The final selection is determined by GSV’s proprietary scoring system, which applies scores across several KPIs such as revenue scale, revenue growth, active learner reach, international reach, and margin profile.

The Amplio Special Education Learning Platform includes a library of structured, evidence-based programs for a variety of special learning needs, including speech-language therapy. Using the platform, educators can provide independent practice and blended group sessions for students. The platform tracks hundreds of data points per student per week and provides actionable recommendations for educators and administrators.

“Amplio’s mission is to help students with special learning needs maximize their potential using the powers of technology,” explained Dr. Yair Shapira, Amplio’s founder and CEO. “Our platform is designed to help our most vulnerable students accelerate progress and set them up for success. It is extremely gratifying to see Amplio listed in the GSV 150, in recognition that all students should have the same opportunities.”

“There are dozens of technological solutions serving the general education population, but these don’t work for students with special learning needs, as they require rigorous, intensive interventions that are individualized to their specific needs,” Dr. Shapira continued. “We also emphasize helping educators increase instructional fidelity with research and evidence-based curricula and programs, delivered through our advanced learning platform while reducing their indirect workload.”

“We are excited to release the annual GSV 150, a selection of the leading private companies in digital learning and workforce skilling,” said Alexandra Argo, investor at GSV Ventures. “As we enter into what we call a ‘Brave New World,’ it is clear that you can’t use an old map to navigate a new world. This impressive group of companies continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of learners and businesses at scale. After evaluating over 4,000 companies globally, we are proud to present the list of the 150 most impactful companies in digital learning that are leading the charge in providing ALL people equal access to the future.”

The GSV 150 is distributed across Pre-K to Gray, covering early childhood, K-12, higher education, adult consumer learning, and workforce learning. Of these companies, 33% focus specifically on lifelong learning (which includes adult consumer learning and workforce learning), 32% focus on early childhood and K-12 education, and 5% focus solely on higher education. More and more companies are extending their reach across the lifetime learning cycle, with 30% of the 150 expanding across multiple categories from Pre-K to Gray.

North America — primarily the United States — is the most represented region, accounting for 60% of the GSV 150. India is also a significant contributor to the list, with 14% of the companies coming from that market, which has continued to experience rapid growth. Europe and Latin America each account for 11% and 7% of the GSV 150, respectively. The remaining 8% of companies are dispersed throughout MENA, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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About Amplio

Amplio is the developer of the first and only learning platform designed exclusively for special education. The Amplio Special Education Learning Platform combines a powerful learning platform with evidence-based curricula and programs designed to accelerate student progress and empower educators. Using the digital platform, K-12 educators can deliver intensive, rigorous instruction to prepare students for success academically and in their everyday lives. For information, visit

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