Coursemojo Raises Series A Funding and Announces Merger to Transform Education Through Hybrid Courses

Two education-focused companies led by industry veterans merge to unlock potential for hybrid learning.

March 23, 2023—Coursemojo, an edtech company focused on helping school districts provide hybrid courses to middle and high school students, announced today that it has successfully raised a Series A round of funding led by A-Street. This milestone comes as Coursemojo unveils the merger of Coursello and Stepmojo, two education-focused companies that share a mission to radically expand access to high-quality courses for middle and high school students.

Coursemojo is driven by educators at its core, led by industry veterans Dacia Toll, former CEO of Stepmojo and founder of Achievement First, and Eric Westendorf, former CEO of Coursello and co-founder of LearnZillion. The merger of Stepmojo and Coursello in February 2023 resulted in the creation of Coursemojo, a company dedicated to helping school districts provide high-quality hybrid courses in response to staffing shortages and the demand for a broader menu of high-interest courses.

Dacia Toll, Co-Founder and CEO of Coursemojo, said, “The merger of Stepmojo and Coursello has allowed us to combine our strengths and create a comprehensive solution for schools and districts navigating the challenges of the 21st-century education landscape. We believe that hybrid learning has the potential to transform how we educate our students, providing them with more choice, agency, and opportunities for success.”

The future of education lies in hybrid learning models, combining the best aspects of in-person and online instruction. Coursemojo provides ready-to-go hybrid courses across a wide range of subjects, from world language and electives to Career-and-Technical Education (CTE), math, and science. Coursemojo also empowers districts to develop their own high-quality courses.

Eric Westendorf, Co-CEO of Coursemojo, commented, “Our mission is to unlock the potential of hybrid learning for students and educators alike. By offering expertly designed courses, robust training, and strategic support, we’re helping districts overcome staffing shortages and expand access to high-quality education, while preparing for a more dynamic and engaging future.”

In addition to offering high-quality hybrid courses, Coursemojo provides comprehensive training and guidance for all stakeholders involved in implementing these courses. This includes online teachers, in-person supervisors, school/district IT, and students. Coursemojo works with existing technology infrastructure and integrates software that enables hybrid learning in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Marc Sternberg, Managing Director at A-Street, said, “We are thrilled to lead the Series A funding round for Coursemojo. Their innovative approach to hybrid education, backed by an experienced team of educators, makes them a powerful force for change in the education sector. We believe Coursemojo’s solutions will have a lasting impact on the way students learn and teachers teach.”

With the Series A funding and the merger of Coursello and Stepmojo, Coursemojo is well-positioned to revolutionize education by providing high-quality, hybrid courses that cater to the diverse needs and interests of students across the country.

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About Coursemojo

Coursemojo is a leading edtech company that helps districts and schools address staffing shortages and expand their course offerings through hybrid courses. Founded by industry veterans Dacia Toll and Eric Westendorf through the merger of Coursello and Stepmojo, Coursemojo is dedicated to radically expanding access to education for middle and high school students. By offering hybrid courses, training, guidance, and strategic support, Coursemojo empowers districts to create sustainable, high-quality education models for the future. To learn more, visit

About A-Street

A-Street is a privately sponsored investment fund with a strategic focus on companies and ideas that drive coherent, differentially effective, and equitable solutions to transform the future of K-12 learning. The company’s vision is that every student in our country will have access to rigorous, engaging, and supportive learning experiences that will allow them to access economic and social prosperity. A-Street invests in a mix of early-, growth- and late-stage companies in the areas of instructional content & measurement, teaching sustainability, and students’ well-being. For additional information about A-Street, please visit

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