Educational Results Partnership Launches New Campaign to Match Talent to Jobs and Bridge the Gap Between Learners and the Job Market

After 25 years of working with academic data provided by schools, ERP concludes far too many learners don’t have useful information to help directly connect them with jobs matching their existing skills.


Contact: Alex Barrios, President
Organization: Educational Results Partnership
Phone: (916) 224-4766

Educational Results Partnership (ERP), a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing educational and workforce outcomes, today announced the launch of an innovative campaign designed to directly connect learners with jobs that match the skills they have developed in school, often without realizing the value these skills hold in the job market. After 25 years of working with education data provided by schools to conduct comprehensive research into the nexus of education and workforce readiness, ERP’s campaign sets out to address a critical need: making learners aware of their existing skills and guiding them toward immediate employment opportunities that seek those skills.

“Many employers are looking hard for talent but are struggling to find it. At the same time, many learners are looking for good opportunities,” said Dan Kinney, Board Chair of ERP, and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence. “This campaign begins the process of bridging that gap by engaging employers in a new architecture for directly matching talent with jobs and career opportunities that offer economic mobility.”

In an era where Americans are more educated than ever yet face challenges in achieving upward mobility, and where employers express difficulty in finding suitably skilled talent, ERP’s initiative aims to resolve this disconnect by facilitating a precise match between learners and available jobs. This challenge is magnified by a significant gap in awareness among learners regarding the transferable skills they possess and how these can be applied in the workforce. The campaign will leverage the best academic data available to inform learners about the job skills they have acquired in their classrooms and the best job opportunities available to them with those skills. The campaign’s overall goal is to match learners with jobs they can perform today, based on what they already know.

“I have spent my entire professional career in education and know that many learners exit the educational system unaware of the valuable, employable skills they’ve gained,” stated Dr. Jim Lanich, Chief Executive Officer of ERP, and the Campaign. “Our campaign is set to change that dynamic by illuminating these skills for the learners, providing them with tools and self-agency to navigate the job market, and connecting them to the vast array of job opportunities that directly correlate with their existing skill sets. The campaign will also celebrate higher-performing schools and education systems where students are learning the fundamental skills employers are seeking.”

A central feature of the first phase of the campaign is the announcement of an Honor Roll list of schools, slated for release in the Spring of 2024. The Honor Roll will spotlight higher performing schools in California and Texas, using academic performance data. These schools will be recognized for their exceptional role in preparing students with the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in the workforce and in life.

To learn more about the campaign, download the paper—Matching Talent to Jobs: An Essential Campaign for Learners and the American Economy.

Interested parties are urged to visit the campaign’s website at and sign up to receive the latest news and updates.

About Educational Results Partnership (ERP)

ERP is a non-profit organization that applies data science to help improve student outcomes and career readiness throughout the educational system. Our goal is to ensure that more students enter the workforce with the skills today’s global economy demands. In partnership with educators and employers, we are charting the pathways that lead to academic success and living-wage jobs.

About Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE)

CBEE aims to improve economic mobility for the next generation of learners by matching talent to jobs and career opportunities. Aligning academic achievements with job market needs, the campaign engages employers while helping learners pursue careers matched to their existing skills and abilities. Learners across the United States can discover how their education opens doors to immediate career opportunities.


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