Empowering Literacy: AI-Enabled Decodable Story Generator Supported by IMSE Revolutionizes Learning

Literacy education leader, IMSE, partners with Project Read AI to offer a science-based Decodable Story Generator to schools and educators (free through 7/1/24)

Southfield, Mich., May 14, 2024 — IMSE, the leading provider of structured literacy professional development, today announced a partnership with Project Read AI to provide educators with a tool to fight the literacy crisis – a Decodable Story Generator that uses artificial intelligence to create decodable stories that are aligned to IMSE’s evidence-based literacy scope and sequence. This collaboration gives educators a tool to instantaneously generate decodable stories with evidence-based literacy instruction that is proven to help students learn.

Recent data shows that only one-third of U.S. students read proficiently – and nearly 70% of fourth graders are not reading at grade level. Providing educators access to science-backed literacy training and tools that work is imperative.

One tool to fight the crisis is decodable stories, which expose beginning readers to only the letters or letter combinations they’ve already learned. This enforces the development of phonics skills, reading fluency and confidence. Layering IMSE’s proven literacy scope and sequence, which draws on research in cognition, linguistics, and neuroscience, into the Project Read AI Decodable Story Generator ensures that the content is created in a manner that can help all students learn to read.

With the Decodable Story Generator, teachers can instantly create decodable stories differentiated for individual learners, accelerating the process of getting evidence-based learning into the hands of students. Educators can input custom words, such as names and topics, to generate decodable stories that are personally relevant and engaging for each student, while maintaining fidelity to the selected concept from IMSE’s scope and sequence.

“While the literacy crisis is harrowing, educators truly can teach reading to every student. They just need the right approach and tools,” said Jeanne Jeup, co-founder and CEO of IMSE. “Pairing IMSE’s approach, rooted in the science of reading, with a powerful story generator tool gives educators a greater ability to effectively reach all students and teach them to read.”

“We’ve heard from so many educators who love using both the Decodable Story Generator and IMSE’s programs in their classrooms,” said Vivek Ramakrishnan, co-founder and co-CEO of Project Read AI. “We’re excited to partner with IMSE to enable educators with the opportunity to generate IMSE-aligned, personalized decodable stories, benefitting both educators and their students tremendously.”

This offering, which comes as K-12 educators are seeking ways to meaningfully bring AI into the classroom and fight the literacy crisis, is available for free to educators through July 1, 2024, if they sign up now at an early bird rate.

Educators can sign up for IMSE and Project Read AI’s Decodable Story Generator and purchase licenses at the early bird rate. If you are a teacher or school looking to purchase, click here. If you are a district looking to purchase, click here.

About IMSE

IMSE, founded by educators for educators, is the leading provider of structured literacy solutions that leverage the best of Orton-Gillingham and structured literacy, rooted in the science of reading to promote literacy. An education pioneer, IMSE has nearly 30 years of experience applying and innovating the science of reading to empower educators through curriculum, professional development, and personal support. IMSE’s unmatched training and classroom programs enable a practical approach to teaching reading that furthers equity in literacy learning and has helped millions of students across the country achieve measurable growth. For more information about IMSE, visit: imse.com.

About Project Read AI

Project Read AI is an AI Co-Teacher for the Science of Reading. Project Read has built a suite of tools for educators to implement evidence-based literacy instruction, including a Decodable Story Generator and an AI Tutor that listens to students read out loud and provides real-time phonics feedback. Founded by former teachers, Project Read’s platform has nearly 100,000 educators from over 100 countries in less than a year since launch.





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