EPS Learning Programs Selected by Virginia Board of Education as Recommended Literacy Solutions

Four EPS Learning programs are recommended literacy intervention solutions for K–5 schools to meet the Virginia Literacy Act requirements

BETHESDA, MD. EPS Learning, the leading provider of PreK-12 literacy solutions, announced that four of its programs have been recommended by the Virginia Board of Education for evidence-based literacy instruction that’s aligned to science-based reading research. The recognition supports Virginia schools in a multi-year effort to improve early learning outcomes for students who are below proficiency levels in reading.

According to the 2022–2023 Virginia Assessment Results, which demonstrate significant and persistent learning loss in reading and math, more than half of students in grades 3-8 either failed or were at risk of failing their reading SOL exam. To remedy reading proficiency beginning in the 2024–2025 school year, the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) will mandate core literacy and research-grounded instruction for K–5 students. The enacted legislation provides tools, resources, technical assistance and funding to schools within the state.

EPS Learning programs meet the required parameters to be recommended as top literacy intervention solutions, including alignment with evidence-based literacy instruction, comprehensive and intensive intervention, support that is accessible and can be easily implemented into any curriculum, inclusivity and representation. The EPS Learning programs included in the recommendation are:

  • SPIRE Family (Specialized Program Individualizing Reading Excellence): Provides explicit, systematic, multisensory instruction through an easy-to-implement intensive program.
  • Reading Assistant for SPIRE: Offers assessment, including a dyslexia screener, highly personalized reading practice for students and real time performance data for teachers through an AI-powered virtual “tutor.”
  • Megawords: Teaches the reading, spelling and contextual uses of multisyllabic words through multisensory instruction and a systematic progression of skills.
  • Wordly Wise 3000: Provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • SPIRE Next™: Provides skills-based, genre-specific instruction and practice that uses close reading to build comprehension.

Additionally, EPS Learning offers several sets of decodable readers and other materials not subject to VLA approval that complement these programs:

  • Readfetti – full-color fiction and non-fiction decodable readers and read aloud cards that align with many popular phonics programs
  • Mac & Tab – decodable readers featuring an adorable cat and rat, made popular through the Primary Phonics program
  • Alphabet Series – decodable readers including charming stories, made popular through the Recipe for Reading program

“The recognition of EPS Learning solutions by the Virginia Department of Education further validates our framework for literacy instruction that’s backed by nearly 70 years of experience,” said Steven Guttentag, Chief Executive Officer at EPS Learning. “We champion Virginia’s significant efforts to ensure that all students in the state can access literacy as the springboard to lifelong learning and opportunity.”

To learn more about the recommended programs, visit https://www.epslearning.com/virginia-literacy-partnerships-recommended-programs.

For more information about EPS Learning, visit https://www.epslearning.com/.

About EPS Learning

EPS Learning has partnered with educators for more than 70 years to advance literacy as the springboard for lifelong learning and opportunity. The 20+ literacy solutions included in the EPS Literacy Framework are based on the science of reading and support grades PreK through 12, all tiers of instruction, and every pillar of reading. EPS Learning offers evidence-based intervention and customized professional learning to help move students toward growth, mastery, and success. Visit www.epslearning.com to learn more.


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