Illustrative Mathematics and Kiddom Form Curriculum Partnership

IM® 360 powered by Kiddom provides unparalleled access to high-quality K-12 math materials  

TUCSON, ARIZ. (November 7, 2023) — Illustrative Mathematics (IM), a nonprofit dedicated to creating a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics, announces the organization is partnering with Kiddom, an educational platform promoting student equity by uniting high-quality instructional materials with dynamic digital learning technology, as a premium digital curriculum partner.

IM’s partnership with Kiddom will increase the reach of and engagement with the high-quality IM 360 curriculum, empowering more students to learn grade-level mathematics and develop positive mathematical identities.

“We are thrilled to name Kiddom as an IM Certified Premium Partner for the next edition of IM’s curriculum,” said Bill McCallum, CEO and cofounder of Illustrative Mathematics.“Kiddom is committed to supporting IM’s problem-based instructional model and the technology itself is designed to enhance mathematical discourse. We look forward to working with them to develop even more innovative features that facilitate lively interaction between students and teachers.”

For Kiddom, the partnership with IM is mission-aligned. “A lack of access to high-quality curriculum significantly undermines student equity, increasing disparities in educational outcomes,” said Ahsan Rizvi, CEO at Kiddom. “We are proud to offer IM 360 on the powerful Kiddom platform to ensure these high-quality materials are fully accessible in classrooms across the entire country.”

Teachers using IM 360 on the Kiddom platform will be able to leverage time-saving lesson planning and instructional delivery tools, as well as actionable student performance reporting. School and district leaders will also gain a dedicated set of tools and views to implement IM 360 with integrity at scale. “Administrators and teacher leaders work so hard to select the right materials, but the hard work truly starts after the selection process,” noted Abbas Manjee, Kiddom’s cofounder and chief academic officer.

Districts will also have the ability to tailor the curricula to meet the needs of their local communities. “With Kiddom, districts can localize and republish versions of IM 360 that are right for their respective populations,” Manjee continued. “And once they do, we give them a real-time perspective on core curriculum usage and student achievement. The insights they can unlock with that kind of data are incredibly powerful.”

IM 360 powered by Kiddom will be available for implementation in the 2024-2025 school year.

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About Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. To learn more, visit

About Kiddom

Kiddom is a paradigm shifter for equitable learning experiences, merging dynamic technology with high-quality instructional materials. Kiddom partners with high-quality curriculum providers, like Illustrative Mathematics, to transform print materials into engaging, insightful digital learning experiences. Kiddom helps educators understand, customize, implement, and measure the impact of core curriculum on a simple, powerful platform. To learn more, visit

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