Intelitek’s New Smart Sensor Lab Trains Students for Skilled Work in Industry 4.0

The Smart Sensor Lab includes an array of advanced smart sensor lab hardware, lab exercises and software tools. 

DERRY, N.H. – (Nov. 2, 2022) – A crucial component of Industry 4.0 is the collection of real-time data from smart sensors on industrial equipment to provide instantaneous status to all levels of plant operations, maintenance, and management.


To help students entering into technical jobs in manufacturing understand sensors and the communications that connect them, Intelitek has created the Smart Sensor Lab. The Smart Sensor training lab enables educators to provide hands-on and theory training for advanced manufacturing or process management programs.


The lab-kit includes a variety of different smart sensors and smart actuators all connected using IO-Link, and Internet of things (IoT) technology. IO-Link is an open standard supported by sensors and control systems. Detailed digital data from the smart sensors is sent over an IO-Link to an IO-Link Master, giving users access to extended status information, diagnostics, and data analytics.


In the lab, students use IO-Link software to set parameters for the hardware and use PLC integration software to create control systems. They also use IO-Link monitoring and cloud software to perform IoT integration so that the sensors can communicate with different systems.


“With IO-Link, users can share sensor data with control systems for predictive maintenance, advanced operations management, real-time flexible manufacturing and optimization planning,” said Graham Celine, VP, Business Development of Intelitek. “Educating students on smart sensors and related communication systems is essential to preparing them for the Industry 4.0 workforce, and our advanced smart sensor lab hardware and software tools provide invaluable learning experiences.”


The Smart Sensor Lab solution can be used as a standalone lab that augments advanced manufacturing programs. Users can also integrate it with other Intelitek systems such as the Intelitek flexible manufacturing (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), Mechatronics (JMTS), or mechanical maintenance trainers to upgrade those systems to Industry 4.0.


The lab includes exercises and drills that provide students with hands-on practice. In addition to gaining practical knowledge of sensors, smart sensors, and IO-Link, students will learn the following concepts and skills:


  • Different types of protocol connections
  • Installing smart sensors, configuring, and calibrating smart sensors
  • Reading and writing data from sensors and how to use the data for control and analytics
  • Configuring and customizing the IoT platform and how to perform predictive maintenance


“We really appreciate that we can add to or replace the sensors and devices we use in the Smart Sensors Lab. That – along with the lab’s integration with other Intelitek systems – significantly expands our training options,” said Donna Moore, Automation and Industrial Systems Faculty, Cleveland Community College (CCC). “With these Industry 4.0 technologies and skills integrated into our advanced manufacturing program, we can be confident that we’re truly preparing students for what they’ll encounter on the job.”


Smart Sensors and IoT is one of the key aspects of Industry 4.0 and the internet revolution currently transforming industry. The Smart sensor training and lab is part of a family of learning curriculum and advanced technology labs Intelitek offer to CTE programs to prepare students for skilled, well-paying jobs in industry.


Walter Spurling, Electronic Engineering Instructor, CCC concluded, “we have intentionally designed our program to be a direct pipeline from CCC to internship/apprenticeship to full-time employment in our community because that’s what  local manufacturers and businesses are asking for. We are proud of the partnership we have between the businesses and the College and the students – it’s a win-win-win for all involved and it’s awesome.”


About Intelitek

Intelitek is at the forefront of training for Industry 4.0, the internet revolution in manufacturing. For four decades, the company’s innovative learning solutions have provided learners across the globe with the competencies needed for in-demand careers in production. Driven by its pedagogic commitment to students’ career readiness and lifelong learning skills, the company develops state-of-the-art tools and technologies for engineering, manufacturing, automation, and robotics technologies. These technologies, along with Intelitek’s programs, empower instructors and inspire students to pursue careers in cutting-edge businesses. For more information go to:

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