Intelitek Introduces the SmartCart 4.0, an Industry 4.0 Mobile Training Platform

The advanced industrial robotics training system, integrated with Industry 4.0 technology, will debut at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2022 in Las Vegas.

DERRY, N.H. – (Nov. 29, 2022) – Intelitek is excited to announce the SmartCart 4.0, the first fully integrated Industry 4.0 education platform for robotics. The platform includes curriculum as well as applied training that leads to industry-recognized certification.


As Industry 4.0 becomes more widely adopted, CTE programs need to prepare learners to manage the myriad technologies involved in systems integration. Intelitek is launching SmartCart 4.0, a mobile, multi-technology training platform designed to help students learn about system integration and industrial robotics for Industry 4.0 ecosystems. The all-inclusive system will debut at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2022, at booth 915, being held December 1-2 in Las Vegas.


“We’ve created the SmartCart 4.0 to be a fully-integrated Industry 4.0-enabled education platform that provides hands-on skills training for the industrial automation and industry applications needed in modern workplaces,” said Graham Celine, VP, Business Development of Intelitek. “Students learn not only how the components of integrated systems work but also how they work together.”


Built around a MotoMan industrial robot, the SmartCart 4.0 system integrates multiple smart sensors, a programmable logic controller, human machine interface, machine vision and other accessories to teach students how these systems interconnect in real-world industrial processes. Students learn Industry 4.0 skills such as advanced communication, Internet of Things, data analytics, and automation.


“Robotics is central to advanced industrial processes and is found in just about every company out there,” said Mike Wilson, Applied Technology Instructor for Manufacturing and Engineering at Rich Township High School in Olympia Fields, Ill. “What students need, in addition to basic robotics, is to understand how industrial robots interact with other parts of the system. Industry 4.0 is all about that, and Intelitek has created a platform that enables schools to teach that concept.”


The platform includes an extensive curriculum, from basic to advanced level, including lab exercises and evaluations. The curriculum first guides students through each of the technologies the solution includes. Then it delves into the topic of communications between the systems and explains how to integrate the components. In the final sections, learners will do projects, building practical applications that highlight aspects of industry such as data collection and analytics, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency.


“With what they learn on the SmartCart 4.0, students can complete micro-credentials and NIMS Industry 4.0 Production Specialist credentials,” said Celine. “We designed it specifically to help students become skilled workers that can keep businesses competitive in our fast-changing world. With this modular and flexible training solution, CTE classrooms can develop and assess students’ competencies for next-generation jobs that are emerging in industry.”


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Intelitek is at the forefront of training for Industry 4.0, the internet revolution in manufacturing. For four decades, the company’s innovative learning solutions have provided learners across the globe with the competencies needed for in-demand careers in production. Driven by its pedagogic commitment to students’ career readiness and lifelong learning skills, the company develops state-of-the-art tools and technologies for engineering, manufacturing, automation, and robotics technologies. These technologies, along with Intelitek’s programs, empower instructors and inspire students to pursue careers in cutting-edge businesses. For more information go to:


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