Teaching Strategies Unveils New Curriculum Tailored to California’s Expanding Universal Transitional Kindergarten Program

First-of-its-kind, comprehensive early childhood education curriculum created for California educators, by California educators; focuses on whole-child development, teacher support, and family engagement

BETHESDA, Md. (August 24, 2023) — Teaching Strategies, the country’s leading developer of early childhood education solutions, has unveiled a first-of-its-kind curriculum tailored specifically to California’s expanding universal transitional kindergarten program (TK). The program aims to build a bridge from preschool to kindergarten for close to 3 million children under the age of 5.

The new curriculum, which was built in close partnership with California educators, builds on the company’s widely-recognized Creative Curriculum® but is aligned to California’s early learning guidelines. The Creative Curriculum® for Transitional Kindergarten: California is paired with observational assessments that measure how well children are mastering academic and social skills, professional development for educators, and tools to keep families engaged in their child’s learning–all in one, easy-to-use digital platform.

“With 90% of brain development occurring before kindergarten, TK is a critical stepping stone for many children. California is leading the way to ensure all learners have an age and developmentally appropriate learning environment, and we’re proud to be helping more schools deliver on that vision,” said Breeyn Mack, a former preschool teacher and Senior Vice President of Education at Teaching Strategies. “Building on our 45 year legacy of translating play-based learning research into practice, we’ve designed a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions— including curriculum, assessment, family engagement, and professional development—to help California educators meet each child’s unique needs and prepare them with the skills needed for kindergarten.”

California began expanding its free, optional, universal TK program last year by extending its cutoff date for eligibility. The state will continue to extend the date range until all 4-year-old children are eligible statewide.

The Creative Curriculum® for Transitional Kindergarten: California prepares children for kindergarten by balancing direct instruction with project-based learning that is critical to whole-child development. It provides progressions of learning and development that span the entirety of early childhood in order to individualize learning for each child, and it focuses time each day on building foundational reading, mathematics, and STEM skills.

In addition, the curriculum includes guidance and support tools for teachers to access in real time, including a suite of videos that model for teachers how to teach activities in their classrooms. It also connects families to their child’s learning seamlessly through automated playlists of activities directly tied to daily classroom instruction.

Oakland Unified School District is among the growing number of school districts that have invested in the new curriculum for the 2023-2024 school year. Educators in Oakland also provided valuable feedback on the curriculum as it was being created.

“Transitional kindergarten is this magical time for children, so selecting a curriculum was important for our team,” said Dr. Bernadette Pilar Zermeño, a PreK/TK English Language Learner and Multilingual Achievement specialist for the Oakland Unified School District. “We created a very detailed rubric for evaluating a TK curriculum, and we decided it should be whole-child focused, honor the needs of teachers, engage their families, and provide equitable and inclusive experiences for both children and families. After evaluating four different early childhood curriculums, we selected The Creative Curriculum®.”

The product is now available for purchase.

About Teaching Strategies

Driven by research that shows a child’s first eight years form a critical foundation for success in school and in life, Teaching Strategies has been an advocate for the early education community for over 40 years. Today, Teaching Strategies connects teachers, children and families to inspired teaching and learning experiences, informative data, stronger family partnerships, and professional learning through the leading early learning platform and resources. Its products, including the most widely-used curriculum and assessment solutions The Creative Curriculum® and GOLD®, are found in over 250,000 classrooms and more than 80 countries around the world and reach over 4 million children each year. To learn why thousands of early childhood programs and many states and countries choose to partner with Teaching Strategies to help ensure children’s success in school and in life, visit teachingstrategies.com and follow us on Twitter@TeachStrategies.

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