eLuma Expands Teletherapy Services to Be One-Stop MTSS Provider to Support All Students

The K-12 Teletherapy Company Now Offers a Comprehensive Student Services Solution, Enhancing Districts MTSS Frameworks


LEHI, UT (January 23, 2024) eLuma, an end-to-end student services solution for mental health and special education, announces the expansion of its offerings to become a one-stop Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) provider for all K-12 students. eLuma’s comprehensive student services solutions, catering to special and general education students, bolster every tier of a school district’s support framework. Known for its expertise in teletherapy services, including individualized education plan (IEP) support, speech-language, and occupational therapy, eLuma’s expansion addresses schools’ unfulfilled needs.

“Today marks an exciting new chapter for eLuma as we now offer another level of support for our partners across the nation to support our students,” said Jeremy Glauser, founder and CEO of eLuma. “Tiered mental health support is something every child needs and can benefit from, regardless of outside circumstances. By providing school districts with an effective MTSS, faculty are able to quickly identify opportunities for student support. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, end-to-end student services that address intervention needs for mental health across the board.”

Due to staffing shortages, funding and resource challenges, and other factors, schools face significant obstacles in providing a comprehensive range of mental health services for their student body, including proactive support for social, emotional, and behavioral well-being, as well as the identification of students who may require additional assistance. Building protective factors, such as prosocial behavior, is crucial. Accessing these services is a challenge. Given that almost three-quarters of US parents acknowledge that their child would benefit from mental health counseling, it is imperative to ensure that high-quality and affordable solutions are readily available to school districts—solutions that encompass interventions and programs focused on building protective factors.

eLuma’s new comprehensive student services solution offers schools and districts high-quality intervention services in addition to providing:

  • A virtual, school-based solution to help school staff properly assess screening and intervention needs
  • Access to Insight™, a digitally integrated system for districts to streamline the management of each student’s services
  • School readiness assessments
  • Staff professional development and caregiver training
  • Multiple therapy, consultation, and evaluation services, including psychoeducational evaluations and general education counseling, that optimize student care at every level of MTSS
  • Unmatched quality and consistency in licensed clinicians

With over a decade of experience in teletherapy servicing over 48,000 students in nearly 500 districts, eLuma seeks to better student outcomes around the nation, empowering school staff and unleashing human potential.

To learn more about eLuma’s end-to-end services, please visit https://eluma.com/end-to-end-student-services/.

* eLuma will be attending FETC 2024 on Jan. 23 – 26 in Orlando and located at Booth #1150. For additional information about the announcement or eLuma’s services, visit the booth and speak with an eLuma representative.

About eLuma

eLuma is an end-to-end student services provider that addresses intervention needs for mental health and special education across a school district’s multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). As a school district’s one-stop MTSS provider, eLuma’s virtual, school-based solutions help staff properly assess screening and intervention needs, proactively manage support services and evaluate progress made toward student goals. eLuma makes high-quality and cost-effective online therapy accessible through its national network of licensed providers and innovative service platform. Since 2011, eLuma has sought to better student outcomes and empower school staff as a trusted service partner of nearly 500 K-12 schools and districts. For more information, visit eluma.com.

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