TouchMath PRO and DySc Honored with Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: 2023 Back to School Awards

The recognition from Tech & Learning reaffirms TouchMath’s commitment to empowering educators and students in mathematics

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (September 26, 2023) – TouchMath, a multisensory math program that makes learning crucial mathematical concepts accessible and clear for students who struggle to understand grade-level content, announces TouchMath PRO and DySc both won Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: 2023 Back to School Awards.

The Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: 2023 Back to School Awards are designed to help educators find the products and solutions—including hardware, software, curriculum and more—that will support their work in any learning environment.

“Nationwide, millions of students struggle with math but often do not receive the additional support they need to be their absolute best,” said Sean Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer at TouchMath. “I am proud of our team and the work behind both TouchMath PRO and the DySc screener.”

A personalized learning tool, TouchMath PRO helps educators diagnose their students’ skill gaps in mathematics, set skill goals to support IEP implementations, reinforce important concepts and lessons based on individual needs, and scaffolds learning so students can learn each concept at their own pace with fidelity.

Unveiled earlier this summer, DySc is a fully subsidized dyscalculia screener and comprehensive intervention guide. Designed to identify students as young as three who may be at risk for dyscalculia, TouchMath’s DySc screener can be easily administered by school-based professionals, early childhood educators and parents of students.

“A neurodevelopment learning disorder, dyscalculia is widely underdiagnosed—making early screening for dyscalculia critical to ensuring students grow confident and master important grade-level concepts and lessons,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer at TouchMath. “We are seeing growing awareness around dyscalculia, and I am excited to see educators using the DySc screener. We know early identification and interventions work.”

The Tech & Learning team chose the winners—including TouchMath PRO and DySc—based on their versatility, compatibility, value and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction.

“We are committed to providing transformative, equitable math solutions that support teaching and learning, and empower students to achieve their full potential,” added Dr. Chelsi Brosh, Vice President, Product Innovation at TouchMath. “It speaks volumes for the Tech & Learning team to recognize not just one but two of our products. We are excited to continue supporting and empowering educators and their students this school year.”

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