Tutored by Teachers Selected as a Vetted Provider for Michigan Kids Back on Track Grant Program

Tutored by Teachers to offer live, synchronous high-dosage tutoring in Michigan, enhancing educational equity and student learning across the state


NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 8, 2024) Tutored by Teachers, a leading provider of teacher-led personalized learning and student outcomes, has been selected as a vetted provider for Michigan’s 23g MI Kids Back on Track Grant Program. This program provides funding for schools in Michigan to access extensive, high-quality tutoring to address unfinished learning and bring students to grade-level academic standards.

Michigan school districts can now use state grant funds to partner with Tutored by Teachers to implement a variety of tutoring models that align with the MI Kids Back on Track program’s objectives. These models include small group, teacher-led, video-based instruction that provide personalized and effective learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of every student. School districts interested in applying for grant funding can do so through the program’s online portal here.

“I believe that Tutored by Teachers was selected for the grant program because we are focused on student outcomes and have built our model solely on evidence-based research. It’s our mission to provide students the resources and personalization they need and deserve, a mission we share with the Michigan Department of Education,” said Rahul Kalita, co-founder of Tutored by Teachers. “Districts all around the country have seen success through our programs and we’re eager to jump in with Michigan students to support their growth.”

Tutored by Teachers stands out for its track record of success in generating student outcomes in school districts across the country. The organization is powered by a diverse team of highly qualified, certified and vetted teachers. Their educators are committed to a Whole Child Approach, which not only focuses on academic achievements but also encompasses the overall developmental needs of the student. Tutored by Teachers has seen double-digit gains in academic growth for thousands of students by providing authentic and transparent virtual instruction. This approach has been instrumental in making education more inclusive and accessible to all students, and aligns with Michigan’s primary goal to mitigate learning deficits and enhance educational equity, particularly for students who are most in need.

Recent standardized test results in Michigan showed a decline in student performance in key areas like math and reading since the pandemic. As such, the role of organizations like Tutored by Teachers has become even more critical. Tutored by Teachers’ high-dosage tutoring has been identified as a highly effective strategy for addressing these educational gaps. Reports such as the American Progress Report note that high-dosage tutoring can enhance student learning by an impressive three to 15 months across various grade levels.

Learn more about this unique opportunity to partner with Tutored by Teachers through Michigan’s 23g MI Kids Back on Track Grant by visiting this page.

About Tutored by Teachers

Tutored by Teachers is a mission-driven company working to improve outcomes for high-need students and teachers and advance equity in education. Tutored by Teachers partners directly with schools to serve K–12 students through virtual, small group, teacher-led instruction. The company’s culturally responsive instructional framework aims to build students’ foundational skills and further their social-emotional learning, while paying highly qualified, certified teachers a fair wage. For more information, visit https://www.tutored.live/ and follow @tutored.live on social media.

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