TutorMe Partners With Snowline Joint Unified School District to Provide One-on-One Tutoring Support

The partnership between TutorMe and Snowline Joint Unified School District in California leverages grant funding to provide students with on-demand, tailored academic support.

LOS ANGELES (MARCH 28, 2023) – TutorMe, an online tutoring solution creating access and opportunity for all students, announces a partnership with Snowline Joint Unified School District (JUSD). This partnership provides high school students in the rural community with accessible tutoring support to meet graduation requirements.

The state of California provided the district with an A-G Completion Improvement Grant, which allows districts to purchase resources students need to improve their knowledge. The district used the funding to acquire TutorMe for students to increase their subject knowledge for the A-G requirements, which they must pass to apply to a four-year university.

Through the partnership with TutorMe, students can work one-on-one with high-quality tutors 24/7 when it works best for them, whether before school, after school, or even on weekends. TutorMe enables meaningful connections that students need to learn and thrive, creating better learning outcomes for the entire school community.

“TutorMe provides our students an additional avenue for growth,” said Michele Scribner, assistant principal at Serrano High School. “We are always searching for new tools and resources to provide accessible learning support for our students. This partnership ensures that students of all backgrounds and with varying levels of technology access are able to get the help they need to succeed.”

Located in California, Snowline JUSD serves more than 8,000 pre-K–12 students. They also serve continuing adult education programs and alternative high school completion programs throughout their community. The partnership with TutorMe provides high school students with an additional academic resource, complementing instruction in the classroom.

TutorMe’s on-demand tutoring model pairs each student with a high-quality tutor based on their specific requests. They also provide diversified support through chat, voice and video-enabled tutoring, and interactive whiteboarding, ensuring students can access the benefits of tutoring at no cost to families.

“We look forward to working with teachers and staff to ensure each student at Snowline JUSD receives the tutoring support they need and when they need it most,” said Kyle Baker, chief of staff at TutorMe.

To learn more about how TutorMe partners with K–12 schools and districts, please visit https://tutorme.com/k12-partners/.

About TutorMe

TutorMe, part of GoGuardian’s award-winning portfolio of digital learning solutions, is a leading provider of 24/7 high-impact online tutoring, partnering with thousands of schools and higher ed institutions nationwide to give students equitable and unlimited access to live on-demand tutoring and professional essay reviews—at no cost to them or their families. Through TutorMe’s on-demand online tutoring platform, students connect with qualified tutors in a one-on-one setting that helps students master concepts, build self-confidence, and achieve academic success. Our award-winning Lesson Space replicates all the best parts of in-person learning—including face-to-face collaboration through live audio/video chat capabilities—while simultaneously empowering learners who feel more confident and productive in a virtual setting.

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