#tellEWA Member Stories (September 8-14)

Here’s what we’re reading by EWA members this week.

Chalkbeat Colorado’s Jason Gonzales illustrates the struggles of student parents in higher education. Parents often face difficulties balancing their coursework and finding child care. While most Colorado colleges don’t know exactly how many student parents are on their campuses, these students are most likely to be Black and low-income, and they’re 10 times less likely to graduate.

“Sometimes we get a little stuck and need extra help.” Students and professors around the country are learning about the risks and rewards of generative artificial intelligence. Reporting for ABC News, Madison Burinsky and Arthur Jones II detail how students are using tools like ChatGPT and how professors are reacting.

Alabama officials will update how they track and record school incidents involving seclusion and restraint after Trisha Powell Crain spent years requesting records for AL.com. The recent records the state released led to more questions than answers, and state officials didn’t have an explanation for missing records.

Many children are struggling to learn to read due to disrupted learning, low-resourced schools, teacher vacancies and other issues. U.S. Department of Education data shows the reading problem has persisted in America for decades. An ABC News reporting team traveled to schools in several states to document this reading crisis.

“Any clarity — any at all — would’ve been helpful.” Students who sheltered in place during the recent shooting at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill found it difficult to separate rumors from fact. Alerts sent via the university’s emergency communication system didn’t clear up confusion, considering some professors reportedly continued class time during the active shooting, Skylar Rispens reports for EdScoop.

“The balloons are going up, and from this day forward, so will the literacy rate.” Texas parents are mourning Fort Worth’s low literacy rate, symbolizing this by releasing balloons. The city also created a day to mark International Literacy Day. Fort Worth Report’s Dang Le, gives context on decreases in grade-level reading skills among students and explains how parents are navigating these issues.