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Early Learning: Kindergarten Online Database

State-by-State Policies and Requirements.

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Kindergarten entrance age

In half of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, students must turn age 5 by the end of September to attend kindergarten.
Nineteen states requires students to turn age 5 on or before Sept. 1.

Kindergarten attendance requirement

Fifteen states plus D.C. require children to attend kindergarten at age five or require kindergarten attendance prior to enrolling in first grade.
Thirty-five states do not require kindergarten attendance.

Compulsory school age

Most states require children to attend school by age 6 (26 states) or age 7 (14 states).
In eight states – Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia – plus D.C., the compulsory school age is 5.
Pennsylvania and Washington require children to attend school at age 8.