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New EWA Research Brief: What Studies Say About College Readiness

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“Somewhere between a third and a half of high school graduates leave high school prepared with a reasonable chance to succeed in college,” according to one prominent study on the subject. If only a minority of secondary school students actually acquire the skills they need to earn a college degree, what are the skills the rest of their classmates need to develop in order to become “college ready”? EWA examines this question in our newest research brief What Studies Say About College Readiness, written by Rafael Heller.

The brief examines more than 50 major studies on the topic to answer key questions such as:

  • What does “college readiness” mean, exactly?
  • Is “college ready” the same as “college and career ready”?
  • What academic knowledge and skills are most critical to success in college?
  • What factors—besides being skilled at reading, writing, math and research—are most critical to success in college?

These questions ripple throughout the education community, from K-12 to college, from what happens in classrooms to what happens in legislative chambers—all of which affects what we cover as journalists. Take a look at the brief; we hope it helps you on your way to answers.