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Rethinking Student Discipline

EWA 71st National Seminar • Los Angeles May 17, 2018

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At a time when student discipline is the subject of increased attention and debate, education journalists often struggle with how to better understand and cover the issue. During this EWA session, speakers addressed flashpoint issues, including zero-tolerance policies, racial disparities in disciplinary actions, and the rise of so-called “restorative justice” practices. Along the way, they explored – and debated – the best ways to balance competing concerns to ensure fairness, equity, and a safe and productive learning environment.

– Cami Anderson, The Discipline Revolution Project
– Taharka Anderson, California Conference for Equality and Justice
– Gary Favors, Cincinnati Public Schools
– Sonali Kohli, Los Angeles Times (moderator)

This panel was convened at the 71st EWA National Seminar in Los Angeles, CA on May 17, 2018