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The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Eric Hoover helps journalists make sense of the “FAFSA crisis of 2024” and explains why it’s a story about race, ethnicity and socioeconomic inequality. (EWA Radio 342).

Debates over free speech on college campuses have intensified amid the Israel-Hamas war. How can reporters better cover this complex story? Journalism professors will share insights in the webinar recording.

Education editors Melissa Taboada and Jon Marcus each share major story ideas reporters should be covering in the new year. (EWA Radio 335)

Past Knight-Wallace Fellow Delece Smith-Barrow and former Spencer/O’Brien Fellow Sarah Carr explain the benefits of journalism fellowships and share what to carefully consider. (EWA Radio 334)

Rural Black students are often the first generation to get through both high school and college. On the other hand, some are from multigenerational farming families and are considered more fortunate than others. Learn about the unique challenges these students face navigating higher education. (EWA Radio 333)

From economist Milton Friedman to school voucher program advocate Polly Williams, Cara Fitzpatrick’s deep dive into school choice began years ago in Florida. She shares the backstory, her new book’s findings and reporting tips. (EWA Radio 332)