Can the Latino College Gap Be Solved?

Texas Public Radio series sheds new light on sources of struggle for higher education students in majority Latino San Antonio, as well as innovative support systems that are making gains.

(EWA Radio Episode 294)

Photo credit: Camille Phillips/Texas Public Radio


For Texas student Andres Mendoza, the difference between fulfilling his dream of attending a four-year university away from home and opting for a lower-cost local community college was an unexpected bill for a family funeral. In her five-part series  “The Enduring Gap,” Texas Public Radio’s Camille Phillips explored which support systems and services make the biggest difference for Latinx and other students who face barriers to educational success. Phillips gleaned fascinating insights from her survey of 2,600 local college students.

What does it really take to build a college-going culture among young people? How did San Antonio’s long-standing racial and economic disparities put Latino students at greater risk of missing out on college amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Plus, Phillips shares story ideas for other reporters covering Latino/Latina students and college access and completion issues more broadly.

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