COVID-19 College

NPR’s Elissa Nadworny hits the road to document how colleges and universities are adapting in coronavirus pandemic era
(EWA Radio: Episode 250)

Who takes a cross-country reporting road trip in the midst of a pandemic? NPR’s Elissa Nadworny decided it was the only way to find out for herself what life is really like on college campuses these days, and how students, faculty and administrators are dealing with a new world of logistical challenges. Nadworny, who covers higher education, has visited more than a dozen campuses in eight states so far. What’s at stake for postsecondary institutions that opted to let students return to campus? Who’s requiring mandatory COVID-19 testing of students and faculty, and how are those results-driving policy decisions? And why is educational equity a top consideration for some college presidents in their decision on whether or not to keep campuses open? Plus, Nadworny shares story ideas for local and regional reporters to consider when covering college life, and how to use social media to find valuable sources.

This episode of EWA Radio originally aired on October 13, 2020.

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