Fairer School Funding

Learn about concentrated poverty in communities and how to evaluate school funding formulas created to address the problem. (EWA Radio 340)

Photo credit: Judy O’Babatunde

Many state funding formulas allocate additional dollars for low-income students to level the playing field. But fewer account for concentrated poverty in communities, despite the additional challenges faced by schools serving large shares of economically disadvantaged students. 

What is the impact of concentrated poverty on students? How might more resources be directed to high-poverty schools, and what other strategies might address these disparities and improve resource equity? And what are some story ideas for education reporters around school finance and concentrated poverty? 

Experts John Affeldt, Public Advocates; Amber Arellano, The Education Trust-Midwest, and Ericka Weathers, University of Pennsylvania join host Emily Richmond at a special live episode of EWA Radio, recorded at SXSW EDU on March 6.

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