Districts Double Down on Student Data

Will investments in digital accountability, family engagement pay off for schools?
(EWA Radio: Episode 173)

From test scores to parent portals, districts are making big investments in data management systems intended to inform everything from classroom instruction to staffing decisions. But as Jenny Abamu reports for EdSurge, school systems are also struggling to hire qualified data managers to oversee these often complex networks, and to make sure that educators are both inputting — and using — the collected information appropriately. How are the new demands of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act influencing how districts collect and use student data? Why are community groups stepping in to help parents find and understand data on student and school performance? What are some hallmarks of districts that are using student data wisely, and red flags of those that might be falling short on transparency and accountability? Abamu offers answers and shares story ideas for local reporters.

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