How Does Your State Fare on the Education Week Report Card?

Nation overall gets ‘C’ grade; State leadership a factor in slow improvement, experts say (EWA Radio: Episode 155)

Education Week’s annual “Quality Counts” report offers a wealth of state-level data on students and schools, from academic indicators to equity in funding formulas. But how can reporters make the most of these numbers — and the state rankings — to tell compelling stories about their own local schools? Assistant director Sterling Lloyd and reporter Daarel Burnette join EWA Radio to discuss the national and state-by-state results. Which states made gains, which slipped behind, and why? Learn what the top-scoring states have in common, and how conditions like stability in state-level education leadership can boost efforts to improve student outcomes. How are investments in early childhood education paying off for states like Massachusetts, which once again tops Ed Week’s list? What can be learned from gains made by Minnesota, this year’s highest-scoring midwestern state on the Ed Week index? And why are Nevada officials pushing back on the Silver State’s last-place finish?

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