In Wake of Sex Abuse Scandal, What’s Next for Michigan State University?

Fallout from Larry Nassar conviction forces MSU President Lou Anna Simon’s resignation; state, federal Title IX investigations in the works
(EWA Radio: Episode 157)

Sports doctor Larry Nassar is in federal prison but the story is far from over for Michigan State University, his longtime employer. More than 150 women—including college and Olympic gymnasts—say that over the course of two decades he sexually abused them under the guise of providing medical treatment. The legal fallout alone could cost the university as much as $1 billion. David Jesse of The Detroit Free Press discusses what’s next for the Big Ten university in following President Lou Anna Simon’s resignation. What do MSU students say they need to begin rebuilding trust in their school’s leadership? The U.S. Department of Education recently withdrew the Obama administration guidance on handling campus sexual assault claims—will that impact MSU’s ongoing investigation? And what lessons are there to be learned from Jesse’s reporting on campus sexual assault and Title IX issues more broadly?

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