A little toddler girl, who is surrounded by wooden, colorful blocks, picks up a red block, staring at it.

Covering Early Childhood Education

Focusing on maternal health and family support, child care, and children anywhere from prekindergarten to third grade, Jackie Mader has covered early childhood education for The Hechinger Report for eight years. She explains why it’s like covering so many “beats within a beat,”  the various factors that affect a child’s development, how she approaches her reporting, and more.  (EWA Radio Episode 320)

Photo credit: Prot56/Bigstock

Early childhood is a critical time for a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. 

Nurturing care is critical for brain growth, meaning a child’s development is affected by their experiences and interactions with nurturing caregivers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To reach their full potential, children need to feel safe and loved as well as receive several opportunities to play, explore and express themselves. 

Jackie Mader of The Hechinger Report has covered early education exclusively for eight years. This week, she talks to EWA Radio’s Kavitha Cardoza about how she covers so many “beats within a beat,” what she looks for in a child care center, and the challenges of finding new angles.

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