A graphic of a Black male student in a rural area.

For Rural Black Students, a College Conundrum

Rural Black students may be the first generation to get through both high school and college. On the other hand, some are from multigenerational farming families and are considered more fortunate than others. Learn about the unique challenges these students face navigating higher education. (EWA Radio 333)

Photo credit: Michelle Kondrich for The Chronicle of Higher Education

What keeps rural Black students from pursuing college or thriving when they get there? J. Brian Charles of The Chronicle of Higher Education went to Sussex County, Virginia to get a closer look at what post-high school opportunity looks like in the swampy countryside, where “peanuts, pork, and pine” are the major exports – not young people headed for higher education. 

He talks with EWA Public Editor Emily Richmond about the overlooked stories on rural schools, an innovative program providing volunteer college counselors in high-need communities, and what might change the equation for Black students looking to expand their horizons beyond their hometowns. 

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