Can Public Education Survive School Choice?

From economist Milton Friedman to school voucher program advocate Polly Williams, Cara Fitzpatrick’s deep dive into school choice began years ago in Florida. She shares the backstory, her new book’s findings and reporting tips. (EWA Radio 332)

Photo courtesy of Cara Fitzpatrick

Few education policies have become more divisive – or politicized – than school choice. Chalkbeat editor and author Cara Fitzpatrick discusses her new book, “The Death of Public School.” 

Who really benefits from charter schools and voucher programs, and how have conservative politicians seized the reins of what was, albeit briefly, a bipartisan movement aimed at improving educational equity? If public education is a cornerstone of America’s vision of itself as a democratic society, what does it mean if it’s allowed to become a private commodity? 

Plus, Fitzpatrick, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, offers tips and story ideas for journalists looking to follow her lead. 

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