Was His Former Teacher a Sexual Predator? This Reporter Had to Find Out.

Matt Drange of Business Insider exposed two decades of questionable behavior by a Southern California teacher whose former female students say were groomed by him for sex.

(EWA Radio Episode 296)

Photo credit (outside of high school): Matt Drange

For senior correspondent Matt Drange of Business Insider, this was a reporting assignment like no other: investigating his former high school journalism teacher on allegations of sexual misconduct.

He spent more than three years reporting the story, pulling back the curtain on two decades of questionable behavior by the accused teacher at Rosemead High School as well as evidence that school officials sought to dodge accountability.

How did the story land on Drange’s radar, 15 years after he graduated? What was it like reporting such a high-stakes story that was also deeply personal? How did Drange build trust with former female students who say they were groomed for sexual relationships by the popular and charismatic teacher?

And what advice does veteran journalist Drange have for education reporters navigating the tricky waters of FERPA and education records requests?

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