What’s New With ‘Varsity Blues’

The latest on the college-admissions scandal, and how COVID-19 is reshaping what campuses will look like this fall
(EWA Radio: Episode 239)

With more celebrity defendants pleading guilty to using a high-priced fixer to help their kids cheat their way into top colleges, what’s been the impact on college admissions? The Wall Street Journal’s Melissa Korn, whose book on of the “Varsity Blues” scandal for has been optioned for a television project, discusses the latest developments, as well as the fallout more broadly for higher education. Is the admissions process becoming more fair? How is the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing fiscal crisis reshaping financial aid for first-generation and low-income students? What’s happening at public colleges and universities that rely on state revenue for basic funding? Plus, Korn shares story ideas and questions to get ahead of the curve on what’s looming for higher education in the fall.

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