2021 Features (Small Newsroom) Finalists

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Max Kutner
Los Angeles Magazine

How L.A.’s Brentwood School Became a Battleground in the Culture Wars

Comments from the Judges:

“I appreciated that the author took on this sensitive topic, and I agree with him that he produced a balanced look, based on what were obviously numerous conversations with a variety of folks involved with the school. The piece was really well-written and organized. This story surely took a lot of effort and finesse on the reporter’s part, to get sources to talk to him.” 

“Gripping story of how one school wrestled with the social justice movement. The experience seems to create further divisions, rather than leading to any healing.”

Caroline Preston
The Hechinger Report

The Jobs Where Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Never Stopped

Comments from the Judges:

“This was a smartly done look at an important topic. I’m so impressed the reporter talked with 40+ women, and identified themes in their experiences. The reporter deftly selected where to dive deep as well. I loved that this story took on an issue I had never thought or read about.”

“The woman at the center of the piece was fully and compellingly fleshed out. The story packs in some good news about hiring among women, without at all sugarcoating the nature of the brutal experiences many female construction workers face as they seek advancement in the building trades.”

Charlotte West & Monica Braine
The Hechinger Report

How Native Students Navigated the Pandemic

Comments from the Judges:

“I really appreciated the clear, engaging, elegant writing here. That copy in all three stories really sang. I thought the piece about the dip in college attendance by native students did a great job of capturing the hurdles these students have faced amid the pandemic through the experience of one school, teacher and student. It was really effective and well-written.”

“The stories of the three young women arriving on college campuses amid the pandemic were engagingly told. I’m so glad this project exists — something that shows numerous, diverse Native college students’ experiences during the pandemic.”