2021 News (Midsize Newsroom) Finalists

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Nuria Martinez-Keel & Josh Dulaney
The Oklahoman

Ninnekah Schools Abuse Scandal

Comments from the Judges:

“This entry is classic good beat reporting about an issue of high importance to a community regarding the safety of its children and fractured faith in its school system…Stories about sexual misconduct present special barriers and require intense sensitivity which the reporters handled well.”

“The details in these stories are incredible. Really good work.”

Ileana Najarro, Holly Peele, Eesha Pendharkar, Maya Riser-Kositsky, Stephen Sawchuk, Sarah Schwartz, Kaylee Domzalski & Brooke Saias
Education Week

A Year After George Floyd

Comments from the Judges:

“Education Week’s look at the state of school resource officers is a fascinating project and much-needed reporting about how the racial reckoning in America post-Floyd affected school districts. Education Week created its own database to keep track plus did site-specific reporting…Education Week created a wonderful resource for media and researchers alike, not to mention school districts trying to figure out what to do about their police forces.”

“Excellent, multilayered work…The database of districts that removed police officers or otherwise made changes is detailed and helpful.”

Jack Stripling
The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Tenure Case of Nikole Hannah-Jones

Comments from the Judges:

“Deep reporting and compelling writing on a major issue in higher education. It clearly lays out a wide range of issues including academic freedom, autonomy for universities, the role of money, politics and race in the academy. It reads like a novel and it is all true. The story was difficult to dig out because there was reluctance to talk on all sides. The reporter had to either find alternate routes to the story or work until he earned the trust to gain openings to key sources.”

“The reporter combined exhaustive reporting, a great writing flair and exclusive interview with the subject. Phenomenal work.”