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“People can’t tell me what they’re going to college for. But they put themselves in thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of debt—that doesn’t sound like it makes any sense. That’s like buying a car and not knowing how to drive”

How are hands-on job training programs being affected by the coronavirus pandemic? What kind of virtual job training works?

One of the most important goals of America’s education system is to launch citizens into “middle class” jobs that pay enough to provide economic security

The only federal program intended to help disconnected young adults find meaningful job training has turned into a $1.7 billion boondoggle

You wouldn’t know it from most media outlets’ coverage of college, but students over the age of 24 account for more than a quarter of the nation’s undergraduates

It began with a feel-good story: A struggling high school in Washington, D.C., had turned itself around and was sending all its seniors to college