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The Education Writers Association held a virtual two-part workshop to help reporters find the stories within chronic absenteeism data, better understand the myriad causes of chronic absenteeism and explore strategies to address the problem.

Previous EWA Awards winners provide reporters with practical tips for entering the National Awards for Education Reporting.

Recent media coverage focuses on the science of reading, but what about the sound of reading? Learn how music training can translate into an academic boost in our webinar recording.

Federal funding that kept child care centers operating amid threats from COVID expired in September. Here’s what reporters should know to cover the ramifications.

Kalyn Belsha, senior national reporter for Chalkbeat, shares what to watch for on the K-12 beat in the new academic year. (EWA Radio Episode 328)

Scott Jaschik advises reporters about the top issues in higher education they should be watching during the new school year. (EWA Radio Episode 326)