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Scores of Hasidic Jewish religious schools are failing to provide a basic education to students, The New York Times’ Brian Rosenthal and Eliza Shapiro found.

Hannah Dellinger and Alejandro Serrano’s reporting on book bans in Texas schools resulted in over 25 stories and an interactive database. They detail their in-depth investigation.

As schools nationwide grapple with how to recover from pandemic-driven learning disruptions, “accelerated learning” is increasingly invoked as an effective way to address troubling academic gaps for students

Most school districts have returned to in-person learning, but enrollment numbers have taken a hit – and so have daily attendance rates

When it comes to reading, America’s students are struggling. And the pandemic has only made a tough situation harder for those kids who were already most at risk of falling behind

Conversations in English that never happened. Students struggling to follow a teacher’s demonstration of how to enunciate during lessons on Zoom