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School vouchers and voucher-like programs are growing in many states. What is behind this new push? What does research show? How did legal battles end? Watch the recording to learn more from experts.

Jill Barshay has been following tutoring research since before the COVID-19 pandemic. She tells listeners what the research says, discusses what type of tutoring schools are doing, and shares how she uses education research to find stories. (EWA Radio Episode 312)

Providing access to prison education, and funding it, isn’t a top priority in Oregon. Natalie Pate shares how poor literacy, dropout rates and crime intersect after investigating prison education programs in the state. (EWA Radio Episode 310)

A low-income single mother homeschooling her children during the pandemic was featured in a film produced by Aisha Sultan. The St. Louis-based columnist discusses the filmmaking process and the emotional toll of reporting on educational inequality.

Climate change is “fundamentally a local story,” Education Week’s Madeline Will and Arianna Prothero explain. They discuss their reporting and provide resources for covering climate change and its effects on students.

Scores of Hasidic Jewish religious schools are failing to provide a basic education to students, The New York Times’ Brian Rosenthal and Eliza Shapiro found.