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Scores of Hasidic Jewish religious schools are failing to provide a basic education to students, The New York Times’ Brian Rosenthal and Eliza Shapiro found.

Evan Mandery, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and author, explains how elite colleges close off opportunities to low-income students.

Hannah Dellinger and Alejandro Serrano’s reporting on book bans in Texas schools resulted in over 25 stories and an interactive database. They detail their in-depth investigation.

Kavitha Cardoza speaks to several experts about how reporters can best prepare before and after layoffs occur. Get tips and resources! 

Stories about Native American students are rarely told in education. And when they are, coverage is often a one-off piece, usually around Thanksgiving, which focuses on their challenges. Sasha Aslanian sought to change this.

Who gets to decide what teachers can say about our nation’s problematic history of racism?