Financial Aid & Student Loans

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The Wall Street Journal’s investigations team is tackling the student loan debt crisis from multiple angles

Proposals to forgive some or all of the nation’s $1.5 trillion in student loans are making headlines as the Biden administration considers how to restart the economy and make the U.S. education system more equitable

When Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the U.S. secretary of education in early 2017, few observers would have bet she would stick around for long

Rising college tuition continues to be one of the most important stories that education journalists cover

Two federal programs that were supposed to steer college students to public service jobs, became mired in missteps, as the recipients unexpectedly found their grants wrongly converted into high-interest loans

Meredith Kolodner and Sarah Butrymowicz of The Hechinger Report discuss their investigation into private cosmetology schools in Iowa that are reaping big profits at the expense of their students