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From Teaching Reading to Tracking Down Students: 22’s Top EWA Radio Episodes

Public Editor Kavitha Cardoza shares this year’s most popular EWA Radio episodes. Re-listen to your favorite podcast episodes, or catch up on what you missed!

Graphic: Kristan Obeng | Photos: Mississippi Today, Texas Public Radio, EdSurge

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If you missed any EWA Radio episodes this year, now’s the time to catch up! Whether you’re traveling or staying home, we got you covered. Listen to the top 10 EWA Radio episodes of 2022 as top education journalists share their best tips and tricks.

From a teacher predator and the revolving door of superintendents to battles over critical race theory and U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s first year, podcast guests covered a range of topics in education this year. Listen as they share the inside scoop – how they find sources, how they organize their documents and how they overcame challenges. I’ve always thought of the podcast as my weekly dose of professional development, and I hope you learned –and enjoyed it –as much as I did!

Thank you to all the guests who made time to chat on EWA Radio. Again, thank you for another wonderful year! Based on listenership data, here are the top 10 episodes:

10. The Hopes and Fears of Teenagers (March 29, 2022)

Rebecca Koenig of EdSurge shared how listening to young people could improve college and the job training programs intended to help them reach better futures.

9. Can the Latino College Gap Be Solved? (May 17, 2022)

A Texas Public Radio series from Camille Phillips shed new light on sources of struggle for higher education students in majority Latino San Antonio. Phillips also explained innovative support systems that are making gains.

8. The Revolving Door to the Superintendent’s Office (April 12, 2022)

James Vaznis, who has covered the schools beat for The Boston Globe since 2008, shared insights on how the leadership churn impacts students, families, and staff.

7. Miguel Cardona’s First Year (Feb. 1, 2022)

Miguel Cardona marked his first year in office. And what a year it has been – not just for the federal agency – but for schools, educators, students, and families. Reporters Eric Kelderman and Andrew Ujifusa looked at the highs and lows of Cardona’s first year.

6. Schools Are Open. But Where Are the Students? (Feb. 8, 2022)

Lily Altavena of the Detroit Free Press put Michigan’s enrollment numbers in a national context, shared insights into why chronically absent students were a problem for many districts even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and described new approaches educators are trying to get kids back into class.

5. When Public Schools Require Ethnic Studies (March 1, 2022)

In a handful of states, students are learning about race and racism, and how it impacts their lives, their learning, and their future opportunities through ethnic studies courses. Linda K. Wertheimer visited ethnic studies programs in public schools and detailed what she learned.

4. Inside a Critical Race Theory Class (Feb. 15, 2022)

Conservatives around the country are protesting what they claim is the teaching of a formerly obscure legal theory to America’s schoolchildren and undergraduates. Molly Minta of Mississippi Today and Open Campus took her readers inside Mississippi’s only dedicated critical race theory class to find out what it would really be like to study CRT.

3. P-12 Education’s Big Stories to Follow in 2022 (Jan. 11, 2022)

Erin Richards, who previously spent 15 years covering public schools for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, shared story ideas for reporters in 2022. In addition to COVID-19 angles, she advised paying close attention to who’s running for local school boards, and efforts by outside groups to limit how and what is taught about race and racism.

2. Revisiting America’s Reading Wars (June 7, 2022)

Dana Goldstein of The New York Times discussed her reporting on the growing pushback to the widely used “balanced literacy” approach advocated by Lucy Calkins, a charismatic professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

And the most popular EWA Radio episode of 2022 is … 

1.  Was His Former Teacher a Sexual Predator? This Reporter Had to Find Out. (June 21, 2022)

Matt Drange of Business Insider exposed two decades of questionable behavior by a Southern California teacher whose former female students say they were groomed by him for sex.