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College Access and Admissions

Covering Americans’ access to college is nothing less than covering the American Dream. Getting into college opens the door to more knowledge and skills, of course, but also better jobs and other advantages, including a longer, healthier life

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More About College Access and Admissions

Glossary: College Access and Admissions
This guide from the National Association for College Admission Counseling shares dozens of definitions of complicated college admissions terms
Data/Research: College Access & Admissions
Research and Data Sources
History and Background: College Access & Admissions
Until the 1950s, most colleges didn’t have an admissions office to speak of. There were no admissions deans, no viewbooks and no campus tours.
Why Does College Access Matter?
Despite a small but vocal group of critics arguing against expanding college access, most Americans are convinced of higher education’s advantages
What Are Some of the Barriers to College Access
There are many barriers to college access. Read more!
College Access Over Time
College enrollment reached an all-time high in 2008. But there are still significant enrollment disparities across race and income
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