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In honor of Student Press Freedom Day, EWA Radio features student journalist Riya Vyas, who exposed allegations of teacher misconduct when she was a high school junior. Plus, the Student Press Law Center’s senior legal counsel offers insight about the importance of student journalism. (EWA Radio 338)

The nation’s student absenteeism crisis, and a surge in school voucher programs in Ohio, are both part of the continuing effect of the pandemic on public education, reports ProPublica’s Alec MacGillis (EWA Radio 337)

Suburban schools promised quality and opportunity. What went wrong? (EWA Radio 336)

School districts are using after-school hours and school breaks to address disrupted learning. Does this come at the cost of traditional out-of-school time?

The Education Writers Association held a virtual two-part workshop to help reporters find the stories within chronic absenteeism data, better understand the myriad causes of chronic absenteeism and explore strategies to address the problem.

WBEZ’s Nereida Moreno shares insights from reporting on migrant students and families in Chicago Public Schools. (EWA Radio Episode 330)